Kristina Smorodova was born on April 15, 1978 in Kirovsk, Murmansk region, Russia.

In 1992 she moved to Petrozavodsk, Karelia.
In 1997 she graduated from Petrozavodsk State University with a degree in primary education.
In 2002 she graduated from the Karelian State Pedagogical Academy with a degree of a biology teacher.
She worked as a methodologist, sales manager, advertising designer.

"I discovered oil painting in 2010 in the Tengiz Gigolashvilis's studio. A year later I bought an easel, and after some time picked a palette knife an a main painting tool. So my journey as an artist began."

Over the last 10 years more than 500 paintings have been created.
Exhibition "The element of oil"
Gallery "Doll's House"
2016, 21 paintings
Exhibition "Familiar streets"
Exhibition "The road"
National Library of the Karelia
2020, 84 paintings
Exhibition "Lottery 2020"
National Library of the Karelia
2021, 37 paintings
Petrozavodsk History Museum
2018, 25 paintings
Exhibition "The element of oil"
2016 - 21 paintings, art gallery "Doll's House"
“The element is a natural phenomenon, an unrestrained force. My element is oil. It is the source of my energy. When I create, I empty myself, exhaust myself utterly, but every time I finish a painting, I feel how a surge of strength coming. I want to plunge again and again into this cycle."
Exhibition «Familiar streets»
2018 - 25 paintings, Museum of Industrial History of Petrozavodsk
2019 - 24 paintings, National Library of the Republic of Karelia
"This is the exhibition about the city, about its surroundings, about the streets, squares, fountains and street lights of Petrozavodsk. About me. About the moments that I spend in contemplation of life. About loyal friends. Walking with the dog provides an opportunity to observe, notice how the world is changing and how we change with it. About the beauty in the ordinary. About how fragile life is. About emotions, about the moments we want to keep in our memory."
Exhibition «Lottery 2020»
2020 - 84 paintings, National Library of the Republic of Karelia
"Since June 2018, on a monthly basic, I give away paintings as gifts. The lottery was held online. Each month I chose a winner and then I met them to give a painting. Year 2020, however, was different. Meetings were cancelled and as a result I kept all the paintings for that year, so I decided to hold an exhibition before distributing the gifts."
Exhibition «The road»
2021 - 37 paintings, National Library of the Republic of Karelia
"How do we choose this or that path? Can we change it? What awaits us around the corner? Does it always matter where you go? Everyone chooses the path for themselves. How to understand where our own road leads? Up or down? The road is always fascinating. This is a movement. It is knowledge - questions that you ask yourself that life asks you.

For the 10 years my life has been filled with oil. Oil became a part of me and I don't know where this path leads. Oil paints allow me to stop, to preserve a moment. At the same time I would wish my paintings to be living and always provide a continuation of a story. 37 paintings of a choice, direction and understanding of my own universe."
"A la Prima" is a painting technique which allows to finish a painting in one session. It`s also mine painting technique.

A paint is applied wet on wet without letting earlier layers dry. In Italian, the term alla prima means "at first attempt". This made it popular with the painters, as they were able to more easily capture the fleeting light and color of the environment.
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